International trade and marketing

So well is the product, there is no development of company without an effective commercial function.

Without neglecting the modern solutions of prospecting and communication, without denying the fast evolutions in the way for opening new markets, we believe in the importance of the human contacts, in the physical presence on the ground and in the creation of reliable relations before closing sales.

At Engiconsult, the satisfaction of our customers was always our best publicity. Some are faithful to us for 35 years.

For SME as for the big groups, we recommend this way of sustainable business development.

To sell a market study wich would consist of statistics collected on the Internet and some considerations on the globalization of the economy would be a dishonor for our consultants.

When we analyze the commercial situation of a company or a future potential market, we do not forget anything or anybody. We leave some time offices and virtual screens to go to meet the major players in the field then we elaborate practical and concrete solutions:

Necessities of the market (Volume but also the particular technical necessities)Adaptation of the productStudy of the competitorsStudy of the country (Legislation, economy, customs)Marketing plan to introduce the product or the companySelection, commitment and agents' trainingDevelopment of commercial toolsOrganization of the sales circuitOrganization of the after-sales serviceControl of image (company and products)

Our marketing strategy crossed many crises and borders without ever losing its efficiency.

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